About Pixels and Prose

Online since 2004

First published in December of 2004, Pixels and Prose is a online magazine and community dedicated to the art and science of photography.

We aim to cover all realms of "the art and science of photography" — from equipment and techniques to light and composition to traditional and digital photography. We'll do our best to publish fresh, interesting imagery and content each month.

We extend an open invitation for professional and amateur photographers alike to submit images, text and essays, ideas, comments and suggestions for future issues. In short, we need your help to get started, and to keep going! Check out our submission guidelines or send an e-mail.

In the near future, we hope to add community resources such as forums and discussion groups. In the meantime, checkout our photoblog, which will be updated often.

Thanks for stopping by, and check back soon!

Jason Palter

Jason Palter
Editor-in-Chief, PixelsandProse.net